How DUI Lawyers Can Help You

17.7.2014 | 09:35

After going through the process of a DUI arrest, it can be difficult for the person involved to envision the future. Feelings of hopelessness, fear, and bewilderment can run rampant. In such cases, you need the help of an experienced DUI lawyer, so that they can see you through these trying times, while maintaining as much of your former life as possible.

First time DUI offenders may be able to simply plead guilty and not need to retain a lawyer. First time offenders should still schedule a consultation with a DUI lawyer immediately following arrest to find out where they stand in accordance to the local DUI laws.

There are certain situations where attempting to fight the case will do more harm than good. Depending on the state, if your BAC is over a certain level and the arresting officer had an airtight probable cause to pull you over, such as erratic driving or other clear signs of intoxication, pleading guilty is the best course of action.

If this is your second or third offense, you will definitely need to call one of the many experienced DUI lawyers near you. Multiple offenders risk jail time if they do not retain the services of one or even two DUI lawyers. It is possible that the DUI lawyers will be able to plea bargain the case down to a lesser offense, allowing you to keep your job and preserve your criminal record.

DUI lawyers have the experience you need to get your charge reduced, or in certain cases, have the case settled out of court. Sentence bargaining can be used in certain cases in order for a client to avoid a lengthy stint in prison. A DUI can be bargained down to reckless driving or other lesser offenses.

Cases can also be thrown out of court based on technicalities. DUI lawyers have a great deal of knowledge in these areas. For example, the arresting officer can be found to have not read the client their rights, to have used unfair targeting practices or not have had probable cause. The equipment utilized to test the client’s BAC may be faulty. Improper maintenance of equipment and failure to adhere to a regular schedule of Breathalyzer calibration can result in a court seeing fit to dismiss the case.

When deciding between DUI lawyers, consider the following factors: experience in defending DUI cases, the cost you will incur defending yourself, and the probability that the lawyer you choose can argue your case effectively.

This decision is of grave importance. Your freedom, your job and your criminal record are all on the line. Failure to choose the best of the crop of DUI lawyers can result in a loss of livelihood and ability to support yourself. A top notch DUI lawyer will keep you out of jail and vigilantly fight for your rights as a citizen.

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